Frequently Asked Questions

A. How do we get started?
Q. We can begin by defining filter specifications, determining the quantities, and setting the deadline.

A. Can Versal help me validate my filter?
Q. Versal can validate your filter for most parameters of performance and safety, including cytotoxicity, self life studies, physico-chemical, bacterial and viral retention, antimicrobial activity, compliance with NIOSH and other regulatory authority rules and regulations.

A. What filter media is used?
Q. We use the most advanced filter media from the world's leading suppliers. The media is selected using validation studies which includes computer modeling and proprietary algorithms. Versal's media selection includes meltblown, spunbond, wetlaid, needlepunch and spunlace. Electrostatic media and antimicrobial capabilities are also available and are applied where they are best suited.

A. How does Versal test filter performance?
Q. Versal maintains a complete air filter testing facility just off the manufacturing floor for continuous monitoring of the production process. The test capabilities include filtration efficiency, permeability, flow, pressure drop, etc.

A. Can Versal design a filter to pass AHAM's (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) CADR (clean air delivery rate) test?
Q. Versal can design room air cleaner filter that will pass this test, and manufacture it an efficient, cost-competitive manner.