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News Release 3/28/07

Versal Inc. is the leading OEM filter manufacturing company for Medical, respirator and other specialty industry is on the path of expansions. The company has ambitious plans to enter the ever expanding market of disposable diagnostic test kits for drugs and substance abuse. Ater intial market research the comany has discovered that diagnostic test kits market is a perfect fit for their expansion plans. Currently the company is exploring various design ideas.

To make room for expansions, the company has recently signed a lease for a 7000 square foot ultra modern industrial building in La Miranda, California. Versal is also in the process of hiring a full time Reseach Pharmacist to lead its reseach and development program for diagnostic test kits. An independent consultant with years of experience in disposable diagnostic test kits will also help in reseach and development efforts. Manufacturing and processing equipments will be added as required. Versal plans to introduce diagnostic test kits to the market by spring of 2008.

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