Designing, testing and manufacturing filters for a wide range of applications, including:

Air Conditioners Equipment protection Clean enviroments
Indoor air quality Source capture Incubators
Glove Boxes Computer ventilation CPR shields
Vacuum cleaners Room air purifiers Medical Equipments
Computer disk drives Sterilizers Containment hoods
HEPA & Ventilator Vents Air compressor intake
Vacuum pump filters Engine intakes Cabin air

Testing capabilities
Versal maintains a complete air filter testing facility just off the manufacturing floor for continuous monitoring of the production process. The test capabilities include filtration efficiency, permeability, flow, pressure drop, etc.

Manufacturing capabilities
Fully documented manufacturing and testing procedures ensure consistent high quality filters with on time delivery. The process starts with the highest quality materials from the world's leading suppliers and a thorough incoming inspection routine.

Design capabilities
Years of experience and the cross fertilization of ideas from working on so many diverse applications gives Versal the experience and expertise necessary to bring a fresh perspective on the air filter design process. Computer modeling and algorithms guide the designers to the best air filter solution.

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